The Mistakes You’re Doing With PT

A common pattern that comes with trends that become worldwide movements is for them to eventually be misinterpreted or misunderstood by many who usually make no effort to properly research and educate themselves. When it comes to trends in fashion, the overall impact this might have is often minimal to non-existent, but when it comes to other areas, such as fitness, there is often a danger of injury. The most popular buzzword in the world of fitness as of this moment is undoubtedly ‘functional training’, but as with other trends, many gym-goers and trainers have failed to properly grasp its meaning. The result has been efforts to practice functional training, when in actuality, the training regimen followed are often far from it. Below are some of the worst mistakes associated with it:


  • Failing to improve basic strength and flexibility – whether you practice functional training in Ascot Vale or elsewhere, your personal trainer will likely tell you this first: there is no training without first improving your existing strength and mobility. The parallel often used here is that of a building and a foundation – without the latter, the former will undoubtedly collapse sooner or later. Likewise, in order to make sure your body can withstand exercises found in functional training Ascot vale, you will have to first train your body and improve its basic strength. This is through common exercises such as barbell squats. Following basic strength is mobilization, or flexibility. By improving this you make sure that your body is less prone to injury. Stretching exercises are usually included in improving your body’s mobility.
  • Not tracking your progress – as you will most likely be reminded by your personal trainer, whether you do personal training in Ascot Vale or otherwise, tracking your performance and progress is very important. This is chiefly because improvements can only be expected by upping the overall difficulty of your exercises and routines over time, and to do so, you need accurate notes on the regimen you currently follow. A mistake many people make is to simply believe in the fact that they dutifully train every day. Simply following the same routine continuously won’t translate into whatever objective you are hoping to achieve (especially if you have set a deadline for yourself!); you also need to gradually increase your exercises as your body becomes more used to training.
  • Copying others – and finally, one of the worst mistakes to be guilty of is that of simply imitating the routine of another gym goer (who often is well-built and does difficult exercises). This is simply setting yourself up for failure, and possibly, injuries. As was repeatedly mentioned throughout the text, you need to gradually improve your body by slowly increasing the difficulty of the exercises you follow. Suddenly performing difficult and strenuous exercises usually means that your body won’t be able to keep up with them, and this can result in bad injuries.