Benefits Of Massaging Your Infant

A good massage will always relieve you of stress and anything that is on your mind. But have you considered about giving one to your baby as well? Massaging your baby can have a lot of positive effects on him or her, which is the real reason why considering a massaging session may be worth it.

  • Helps You Bond – Babies are extremely sensitive to external stimuli, touch included. How many times have you experienced your baby stopping his or her cries once you caress him? A massage can be a great way to encourage bonding between parent and baby at a very young age.
  • Boosts Recognition – Babies don’t have the same brain processing power as us adults, which is the main reason why they have a hard time with grasping things that may seem quite obvious to us. It is not unusual for them to mistake or not recognize their mothers during certain instances, like when she changes to a different dress or is wearing glasses, a hat or some other type of accessory. A baby massage can help with developing a baby’s confidence, especially when it comes to identifying his or her mother from the way she touches alone.
  • Improves Health – You will want to do anything in your power to keep your baby’s health at optimal levels, and even a small massage can do a lot with regards to health. The main advantages of a massage when considering health alone is the improved circulation of blood and lymph and better gastrointestinal functions, the latter of which will improve digestion as well. 
  • Makes Him or Her Calmer – Massaging can relieve discomfort and instil a sense “feeling great” in your baby. This is due to the action of certain hormones like oxytocin, which are responsible for these kinds of feelings. Additionally, the effect may not be felt by your baby alone: you may be able to experience a certain degree of goodness as the one giving a massage.
  • Provides Relaxation – Is you baby feeling like he or she is in discomfort without any particular reason? After all, this can also be caused by certain factors like difficulty in digesting or due to their tiny belly being full of air. These two conditions can be improved significantly through a massage. Not only that, but massaging can also help relieve pain and stimulate muscles for a better coordination.
  • Improves Sleep – How many times does your baby wake up and cry without getting a sufficient amount of sleep? If your answer is a lot of times, you may want to consider about giving your baby a massage, or alternatively doing some yin yoga sessions if he or she is grown up enough. Both these methods help to make your baby sleep better, both at night and during the day, reducing the chance of waking up every few hours.
    One last thing you want to keep in mind is that some babies won’t accept a massage at first, even if it is you that is giving the massage. This is quite common, and you shouldn’t feel disappointed: Try again at a different time, or maybe when your baby is a little older and recognizes you better.